A Total Reframe

It’s not that I wrote a single post for this blog, and then got bored, or tired, or forgot about it. No, my reason for starting, then abandoning this poor, lonely wordpress site is far from that. The truth is, I was (am) a young woman, who was full of ideas. I was convinced that I was full of good advice and could help a ton of people: all I needed was to get my voice out there. Then, as I read more and more in the manosphere, I realized I didn’t know jack shit, and what I did know was either wrong, or misguided, or completely elementary.

So, I decided it was best to lurk for a good long while, and post the occasional comment to my favorite sites only when I felt I truly had something new to offer. My goal was not to become the commenter everyone knows from constant comments, but to slowly gain respect by commenting only when I had something to say. I didn’t want to word-vomit on other people’s blogs, nor did I feel confident in starting my own after I realized how little I knew.

However, I recently read Matt Forney’s article “Why You Should Start a Blog”, and, well, here I am. I’ve always been a voracious reader, and, for my age, a talented writer. Of course, looking back on things I wrote in junior high and even most of high school can now make me cringe (and cringe SO HARD), but, for my age, it was pretty good. Still, I like writing; I’d love to be able to publish my writing one day (that is – publish in a way that I can make money from it). If I’m ever going to do that, I need to keep practicing, rather than wait for “the perfect story” to come to mind.

That’s why I will endeavor to post regularly on this blog now. I no longer have any pretensions of knowing it all, or even providing anything new. I expect much of what I post here, at least for a while, to simply be reactions to other bloggers, or out and out ramblings. If anyone can be helped by anything I have to say, great. I love helping people, and, well, my original ambition may be tempered by my lack of knowledge, but that doesn’t mean the desire to help is not there. I’ve merely realized it will take more than armchair psychology to be effective.

And on a side note, I had not realized that pop “literature” was really so bad. I knew Twilight was crap, and that the Fifty Shades books were fanfictions of crap, dressed up with new names, but, not having read them… Well, I just assumed that the authors at least had a basic sense of flow and pacing, so on. Having just read a few excerpts, however… I mean, wow. If these people can do it, I sure fucking can. When a coworker asked me what I thought of Fifty Shades, I jokingly replied that I was writing better porn in high school. Now that I read some of it… I think my “joke” was entirely accurate. I’ve got the cheesy romance down. All I need is a plot element, and I should be in good shape to cash out.


2 thoughts on “A Total Reframe

  1. first says:

    “I no longer have any pretensions of knowing it all”

    “Just another bullshit blog by a little girl who thinks she knows everything.”

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